WE Organization NL is a refugee-youth-led initiative established in 2016. WE is actively developing various projects in order to tackle Xenophobia, build bonds and promote social inclusion. WE organization is committed to breaking barriers & building bridges through the power of dialogue and ‘understanding through interaction’.

We commit ourselves to break down walls of division. We do so by supporting impact-oriented collaborative actions, and by developing projects that help build sustainable connections between different groups in society. WE Organization fulfills its purpose through Educational/Training and Consulting work in relation to: Migration (Integration & Emancipation) | Diversity, Inclusion & Intercultural Communication | Youth Participation | Storytelling.

This comes in form of:

  • Talks/presentations
  • Workshops/co-creation sessions
  • Tailormade programs

Aiming at fusing society around the concept of ‘understanding through interaction’, WE Organization has implemented several projects and programs with Schools, Universities, Companies, NGO’s, and Governmental Agencies.

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